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WEBINAR – Men Who Access Child Sexual Exploitation Material (CSEM): What you should know about risk

As access to the Internet has grown, there has been a substantial increase in the number of individuals coming to the attention of the criminal justice system for accessing child sexual exploitation material (CSEM). This presentation will integrate research and clinical knowledge to separate myth from fact. For example, are all people who access CSEM the same? Do they all have sexual interest in children? Will they go on to commit contact offenses against children? How much treatment do they need? What does prevention look like? Should they be treated similarly to men who have committed offline sexual offenses? Subsequent to separating myths from fact the presenters will discuss supervision and policy implications.



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L. Maaike Helmus, Ph.D.
(Read bio here)

Dr. Anton Schweighofer
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Danielle Cooper, Ph.D., CPP
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Sen. Gary Winfield
Senate Chair Judiciary Committee
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