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Dr. Anton Schweighofer

Photo of Dr. Anton Schweighofer

Anton received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Simon Fraser University in 1998.  His primary areas of interest have included forensic psychology and addictions. In addition to completing a Master’s practicum through the Forensic Services Commission of British Columbia he also completed a doctoral level clinical internship at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta with a specialization in addictions.  He accepted a position with the Correctional Service of Canada (Pacific Region) in 1997 and provided treatment and assessments for men convicted for violent and sexual offences. In 2004 I became the Senior Psychologist for sex offence specific programming and before leaving the Correctional Service of Canada in 2009 also acted as the Chief of Psychology. He has maintained a private practice that has included forensic risk assessment and treatment since 2000. He provided sex offence specific treatment services for the Forensic Services Commission of British Columbia from 2009 to 2019 and has given presentations on sex offence issues, risk assessment and the assessment and treatment of child sexual exploitation material offences (CSEM) at national and international conferences and to police. He is the co-authour of a soon to be published treatment workbook for those who have accessed CSEM. He is a national trainer for the Static-99R which is the most widely used actuarial measure for predicting risk of sexual recidivism. He provides expert testimony to the courts with regard to sexual and violent offence issues and is on the list of those designated to provide Dangerous Offender Assessments as an amicus curiae. Finally, he is a Fellow of the Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA) and served as the co-chair person at the 2011 ATSA conference.