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Scam Protection


Attention CT residents on the Sexual Offense Registry!

OSJ has learned of ongoing phone scams targeting people on the Registry in CT and their families. The scammers often pose as members of law enforcement or judicial employees in order to coerce victims into sending them money. Victims in CT have lost thousands of dollars to these scams.

The scammers use fear of further legal trouble and a sense of urgency to overcome people’s common sense. They threaten the target with arrest and then offer to drop the arrest warrant if immediate payment is made. To make their scams convincing, scammers may use the names of actual law enforcement officials and can make their phone number appear as that of a local law enforcement agency. Scammers may also use family and friends to reach people on the Registry.

To protect yourself, be aware of the telltale signs of a scam. The scammers often demand payment using methods that offer little protection such as gift cards, payment apps, or even cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.). CT law enforcement will never call you demanding payment.

The best way to deal with these scams is to simply hang up.

The CT SOR suggests you call them* to verify that the call you received was not from them.

*Middletown Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection,
Division of State Police – Sex Offender Registry: Phone Number (860) 685-8060
Do not simply call using the number displayed on your phone.

If in doubt, hang up and reach out to OSJ for help before sending any money.

If you have been the victim of a scam, notify your financial institutions and immediately report it to your local police department.

Please also use the form below to inform OSJ when you experience these kinds of scams against people on the Registry. Together we can all help to keep our community safe!