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Paid In Full

OSJ is proud to announce
our 2023 Legislative Campaign:
Paid In Full (SB 1194)

Rep. Anne Hughes (co-sponsor of SB1194, introduced bill in House) with OSJ Executive Director Cindy Prizio and Paid In Full volunteers

The focus of this campaign is to remove from the Connecticut "Sex Offender" Registry those people who had completed their sentences before the implementation of the Registry overhaul on October 1, 1998.

The law that was created back then included a 10-year lookback, pulling in people who had either never heard of the Registry when they were released or were told that they would only have to register for 1 or 10 years. Many of these people were successfully reentering society when the burden of the Registry was placed upon them, threatening their housing, employment, and family.

In spite of this burden, some 800 people have spent at least the last 25 years on the CT Registry without another sexual offense conviction. They have proven they are not the danger that the stigma of their offense makes them out to be. It has been a quarter century since they trusted that they had repaid their debt to society, yet they and their families continue to experience hardship because of the Registry. Enough is enough, these people have long ago paid their debts. Indeed, they have Paid In Full.