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WEBINAR – Public Safety for Sexual Harm: Correcting the Narrative

As the title suggests, the webinar is going to address the following topics:
  • What is public safety?
  • How do we create sustainable, safe communities when the dollars spent primarily go to post-conviction punishments rather than on prevention of sexual violence?
  • Early intervention and access to treatment without threat of prosecution.
  • What are the needs of people who have been harmed, as well as those who have harmed? Trauma-informed care must be available for everyone.
  • And more...
Sexual violence is preventable!

Presenter / Panelist

R. Karl Hanson, Ph.D.
Preeminent Researcher in Risk Assessment
(Read bio here)

Panelist / Co-Sponsor

Sen. Gary Winfield
Senate Chair Judiciary Committee
(Read bio here)


Alissa Ackerman, Ph.D.
(Read bio here)


Danielle Cooper, Ph.D., CPP
(Read bio here)