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WEBINAR – 1st Anniversary of A Different Approach to Sex Crimes: The Case for Survivor-Centered Restorative Justice

In this anniversary webinar focused on restorative justice for sexual harm, we are joined by Moe Miller, Kevin Lynch, and returning guests, State Senator Gary Winfield and Dr. Alissa Ackerman. In this conversation, Moe and Kevin will discuss how they have both come to the work on restorative justice from their differing social and experiential locations. In the second half of the webinar, Senator Gary Winfield and Dr. Alissa Ackerman will join the conversation to broaden the discussion.


Prof. Monishia "Moe" Miller, M.S.
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Kevin Lynch
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Moderator / Panelist

Alissa Ackerman, Ph.D.
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Panelist / Co-Sponsor

Sen. Gary Winfield
Senate Chair Judiciary Committee
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