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WEBINAR – Restorative Justice – Program for Youth and Adults: A-Z How it’s done

Seema Gajwani will speak about the use of Restorative Justice in Washington DC to address serious, violent crime and bring about better outcomes for victims of crime and those who commit crime. Ms. Gajwani founded and runs the Restorative Justice Program housed within the Washington DC’s Office of the Attorney General. The program offers restorative justice as an alternative to traditional prosecution for victims of serious violent crime committed by juveniles in DC. The Program has had success at resolving cases in lieu of traditional prosecution and is expanding to adult crime and cases in a post adjudication status in the coming year. Ms. Gajwani will describe the details of restorative justice and how its use has been effective with serious crime in Washington, DC.


Seema Gajwani
Special Council for Juvenile Justice Reform
Chief, Restorative Justice Section, Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia
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The Hard Truths of Progressive Prosecution and a Path to Realizing the Movement's Promise (January 2020 - Restorative Justice: Changing the Lens)
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Bonus Q&A - Seema Gajwani answers questions that were not addressed from the webinar


Produced by Friends of Restorative Justice - Washtenaw County, MI


Produced by MettaCenter and also available through NACRJ.


Produced by Brave New Films (BNF) and narrated by Danielle Sered