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October, 2021 - Volume 1, Issue 1

CSC Reopens Proposal for Removing People from the Registry

by Cindy Prizio

The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Record workgroup of the  CSC has begun discussions on introducing legislation for the 2022 session on a removal mechanism for people on the registry. Both the workgroup and the larger body of commissioners have expressed their desire to move forward with something. The something in this case is the possibility of proposal 1 or proposal 2 - and possibly a proposal 3.

First let’s define who is on the registry.

Groups on the Registry
The current registration scheme is broken down into three groups — the grandfathered group is the approx 900 people who were placed on the registry after their  sentencing. There wasn’t a registry until 1999. So these folk had been convicted prior to ‘99.

The “retroactive group or middle group” includes the many who were placed on the registry post 1999 to whenever enactment of bill is .. 2022, 2023?

Prospective is the group of people once the bill is enacted who are eligible for either placement on the registry’s public notification or law enforcement only registry — and possibly require no registration. All hinging on judges‘ discretion.

Proposal # 1
Fully retroactive removal mechanism; expanded ability for judges to issue exemptions.
• All registrants can petition the Superior Court to be removed from the public registry after being on the public registry for 10 years.

Proposal # 2
Prospective removal mechanism; removal mechanism for the “grandfathered” registrants; transfer to law enforcement registry; expanded ability for judges to issue exemptions.

Up for debate - what type of assessment will be necessary to petition the court. Full blown clinician assessments can cost as much as $3000.  Who will pay for this? The burden will be on the person seeking removal.

What rights will victims have — the right to be heard or more - especially with the middle group convicted between 1999 and enactment of the bill. The victim advocate says victims of harm were promised terms at the sentencing and the state will be breaking its promise therefore causing more trauma.

Would be Proposal 3
If people with lifetime registration are offered relief why can’t the proposal include relief for those people with 10 year terms.

Future - legislative session starts in February and goes thru May 2022

Board of Pardons and Parole

by Cindy Prizio

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Threatened with Non-Compliance

by Cindy Prizio

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Fearless Support Group

by Cindy Prizio

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