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CT Pardon Interest

Recently (post-2020) more people in CT have been having success at obtaining pardons than before. If you haven’t applied for a pardon before, this is a great time to start. If you have tried in the past and been denied, we encourage you to go through the process again. Not everyone who applies will receive a pardon. Please note that those who are denied can reapply one year later, and we encourage people to do so.

The pardon process can be completed without hiring a lawyer. OSJ has limited spaces available in a program to provide applicants with emotional support and coaching. However, YOU are in the driver’s seat. Your active participation in the process is critical to the success of obtaining a pardon.

Pardon Process

  • Obtain Arrest Warrant from Your Conviction
  • Character Letters
  • Personal Written Statement
  • Fingerprinting &¬†Criminal Background Check
  • Upload Complete Application Packet
  • Application Reviewed by Board of Pardons (If Board agrees to hear pardon case, a hearing before board will be scheduled in 6-8 months)
  • Hearing & Personal Oral Statement

If a pardon is granted, the State has 90-120 days to expunge all criminal records and remove you from the Registry.