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Katherine Gotch, LPC, CCSOT

Ms. Gotch has worked in the field of sexual abuse prevention since 2000 as a clinician, evaluator, trainer, educator, and in legislative/policy development. She currently maintains a private practice, Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, which provides specialized clinical and consultation services related to adults with sexual behavior problems and other forms of abusive/violent behavior. She is a Clinical Member & Public Policy Executive Board Member – ATSA, Former Board Member & Public Policy Advisor – Oregon ATSA, and Advisory Board Member & Former Public Policy & Engagement Action Team Co-Chair – NPEIV. She frequently provides training to correctional agencies, treatment providers, policy makers, and other community partners on sexual offense specific management and treatment, static and dynamic risk, incorporation of the risk/need/responsivity principles into practice, public policy, public engagement, and related topics. She is a certified Static-99R/STABLE & ACUTE-2007 trainer.