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How to Fax or Email Verification Letters

Effective October 1, 2023, CT Public Act Number 23-193 provides new options for returning address verification letters. In addition to returning the letters by mail, they can also now be returned by email or fax. The full bill can be read here (relevant text can be found in subsection (c)):

Mail Notification (optional)

You can receive daily email notification of the mail you will be receiving from the USPS by signing up here:

Step 1

Create a digital copy of your completed and signed verification form.

This can be done by taking a photo with a digital camera or smartphone, or by scanning the document into a computer with a scanner.

** The photo of the document must be legible! **

Step 2 (Skip if using Email)

If taking a photo with a digital camera or smartphone, the photo must be transferred to a computer first.

Create a Word document or PDF with the photo.

To create a Word document:

Open a new blank document in Word.

Go to the Insert menu and select Pictures, then Insert Picture From This Device.

Locate the file of the photo and select Insert.

If the image does not take up the entire page, click and drag on the dot in the lower right corner to make the image larger (stay within the page margins – the white area on the rulers at the top and left sides of the window).

To create a PDF:

Using Windows

Locate the photo file in the File Explorer.

Right-click on the file of the photo and select Print.

Change the Printer to Microsoft Print to PDF and select Print.

Give the PDF a filename and choose where to save it and select Save.

Using Mac

Locate the photo file in Finder.

Control-click the file of the photo.

Choose Quick Actions, then Create PDF.

A PDF with the same name as the photo file will be created in the same location.

Step 3

Send the document to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

To Send by Email

Create a blank email and attach the photo of your verification letter.

Send to

** Do not use an email address that is not registered with them! **

To Send by Fax

The PDF or Word document can be faxed for free using

Fill out your information under Sender. You must use a valid email address as you will need to click on a confirmation link that will be emailed to the address you provide in order to finalize and send the fax.

Fill out the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s information under Receiver. The fax number can be found on the verification form – (860) 772-1730 (as of October 2023).

Select the first Choose Files button under Fax Information.

Locate the PDF or Word document created in Step 2 and select Open.

Enter the Confirmation Code displayed below and click on Send Free Fax Now.

Wait for a confirmation email to arrive at the email address you provided.

Open the email and click the link inside to finalize and send the fax.

Step 4 (Optional, but highly recommended)

Check the Registry ( in a couple of days to ensure that your information has been updated (particularly your Last Verification Date).