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OSJ’s North Star

Everyone Deserves Human Rights

One Standard of Justice (OSJ) is a volunteer-based civil rights organization committed to ensuring that persons accused or convicted of sexual offenses in Connecticut are treated constitutionally and fairly by the state before, during, and after their sentences.

The moral panic and public hysteria surrounding those who have committed sexual offenses has created harsh laws that harm not just those who are targeted by them, but their families and their communities as well. We are all safer with rational laws that focus on early intervention and prevention of sexual harm and when harm occurs, the healing of all those affected by it.

OSJ believes sexual abuse is preventable.

Please show your support for effective and restorative sexual offense reform by donating to OSJ!


Your donations will help us:

Dispel myths and educate the public and legislators on how to effectively reduce sexual harm.

Fund programs that will safely return people who have committed a sexual offense to our communities.

Challenge unconstitutional laws that do not protect the public.

More information on OSJ can be found on our website: