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First Amendment Victory in CT: Cornelio v. CT

OSJ is dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of people on the Sexual Offense Registry in Connecticut. We are delighted to share with you that on September 14th Judge Meyer of the Federal District Court ruled favorably in Cornelio v. CT. The ruling, as applied to Mr. Cornelio, found that the CT Registry’s requirement to file his email addresses and all other “internet identifiers” with the police (or face a Class D felony) is a violation of his First Amendment rights. While there is more work to be done at the legislature and in the courts, this ruling alone should provide protection to anyone who is arrested in violation of not registering internet identifiers in CT. OSJ will do whatever is necessary to make sure the rights extended to Mr. Cornelio in his case will be extended to every registrant in the state of Connecticut. You can be sure, given OSJ’s dedication to its mission, that we will make sure that another cause of action will be brought forward. Read Judge Meyer’s full decision here