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We have created several affordable payment options so you can become part of the cause.  Your membership of just $60 per year ($5 per month) will help the fight for constitutional rights for registered citizens, provide referral resources for those affected, and educate the public on the harm done by the registry.    You can choose to pay monthly or yearly using either your Paypal account or a bank/credit card.  You can also choose to have your membership renew automatically each month or year.  If you don’t like automatic renewals and payments, we also give you the option to renew manually monthly or yearly. 

First, choose whether you’d like to use your Paypal account or a Bank/Credit card.  Then choose whether you’d like to pay monthly or yearly.  Just select the corresponding tabs below to make your choice.  Each Tab lets you select whether you want your membership to automatically renew along with an automatic payment.

If you have the ability to donate above and beyond membership, an additional donation is welcome and needed to help fight this fight!