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  • SB 1059 – An Act Concerning the Correction Accountability Commission. The Office of the Correction Ombuds. The Use of Isolated Confinement, Seclusion and Restraints, Social Contacts for People Who Are Incarcerated – Read
  • SB 1019 – An Act Concerning The Board Of Pardons And Paroles, Erasure Of Criminal Records For Certain Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses, Prohibiting Discrimination Based On Erased Criminal History Record Information And Concerning The Recommendations Of The Connecticut Sentencing Commission With Respect To Misdemeanor Sentences – Read
  • Committee Bill 6228 – An Act Prohibiting Institutions of Higher Education from Inquiring about a Prospective Student’s Criminal History – Read
  • RB 6374 – An Act Concerning Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses – Read
  • SB 899: An Act Concerning Senior Safety Zones – Read
  • HB 6431: An Act Concerning Housing Opportunities for Justice-Impacted Persons – Read